Given the shrinking resources available across the public sector, there has been a renewed focus on process redesign, lean thinking and methodologies to drive process and service improvements across government. Knowing how these improvement strategies can help your organisation simply isn’t enough; the main obstacle remains to gain senior management support. With a sponsor you can utilise frameworks and tools to implement change and begin to establish a comprehensive and sustainable culture. The efficiency, and service delivery benefits are substantiated; the journey however is often fraught and beset with challenges.

How public sector organisations can capitalise upon and harness process improvement opportunities to better deliver on customer service is at the heart of the forum. PEX Public Sector 2015 is shifting the focus from problem-driven to opportunity driven. By bringing together the innovators, champions and early adopters in process improvement across the public sector our audience will gain a better understanding of the strategies deployed to overcome the roadblocks and capitalise on efficiency and better respond to the evolving needs of the public.

PEX Public Sector 2015 will explore many themes including:


Engagement For Sustainable Continuous Improvement


Causes of Organisational Inefficiency


Management Systems and Capabilities for New Ways ofWorking


Agility, Adaptability and Responsiveness; Culture ofContinual Improvement, Innovation and Learning


Successes and Failures of Experienced ImprovementProfessionals


Customers Values, Now and into the Future;Organisational Design, Strategy, and Services

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PEX Public Sector 2015 issupported by the Process Excellence Network, a global community forprocess professionals, business leaders and executives who want to improvetheir businesses through process and operational excellence. With a globalmembership of 98,000+, and a burgeoning global portfolio of live events,webinars, and networking opportunities, our mission is to inspire and informour members with access to practical advice on business improvement tools,methodologies and technologies in order to achieve their business goals.

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